On these short, grey and cold days that quickly turn into long, dark and frosty nights, we invite you to the warm, colourful, soft and filled with sound Winter Showroom, which was created in the interiors of the Gallery by the Wrocław duo kinoMANUAL, founded by two visual artists Aga Jarząb and Maciek Bączyk.

kinoMANUAL it’s a small, independent audiovisual production company from Wrocław, focused on experimenting with moving image and sound.

kinoMANUAL’s exhibition brings cinema and photography together, reaching back to the sources and foundations of both media – to light, the transience of the image, the experience of its magic through analogue equipment. It blurs the boundaries between film and photography, creating a space where these media reflect each other, where “intermediality” ceases to be a theoretical term and becomes an experience.

The time when we have prepared and opened our “salon” is no coincidence. The duration of the exhibition overlaps with the calendar winter, and its last weeks traditionally marked the difficult hungry gap. Technology also plays an important role in the exhibition. The use of analogue equipment evokes nostalgia for its beauty and durability, precise design and quality production. It redirects our attention to the basic components of the photographic image and the process of its creation, referring to the archaeology of the media and going beyond the routine of presenting photographs – finished effects. The presence of old-fashioned projectors and loudspeakers in the gallery space is a reference to the exhibitions held here in the past, which also used them. In their artistic practice, kinoMANUAL transform the aforementioned equipment, extending its original functions to create installations and kinetic objects. It is nice to be around them, watch their movements, listen to the sounds they make. So take a seat in the salon, let your thoughts and eyes sink into the images which, as is so rare today, bring solace.


Paweł Bąkowski

Curator: Paweł Bąkowski
Exhibition architecture: Hubert Kielan
Coordination: Olga Krzywiecka
Accompanying programme: Miretta Kempa

Music scene production: Discomfort Booking / Hubert Kostkiewicz
Visual identification: Zofia Jaros
Exhibition realization: Michał Perucki

Media patrons: TVP KulturaKwartalnik FOTOGRAFIARadio Wrocław KulturaContemporary LynxMiesięcznik OdraMagazyn SzumPismo Artystyczne Format

The project was financed from the budget of the Lower Silesian Voivodeship Government

Aga Jarząb is a filmmaker, animator and graphic designer, born in Wrocław, Poland in 1977. She lives and works in her native city. Graduated from the Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław with Master’s in Fine Arts, she started working there as a lecturer and researcher. In 2017 she received a PhD degree in the field of art and has continued teaching at the Media Art Department. She started her art experience as a printmaker but finally found her art expression in animation. She concentrates on animated films in traditional techniques like drawing, cut-out or direct filmmaking. Her filmography mainly contains abstract, experimental shorts. Since 2014 she has been working with Maciek Baczyk in a duo kinoMANUAL. Together they create films and performances, which are shown at many animation festivals all around the world. As a graphic designer and animator, Aga Jarząb cooperates with many cultural institutions in Poland, such as museums, art fairs and film festivals. Two of her films from the “Jarząb Sisters” are included into the DVD anthology “Action – animation” published by NInA Polish National Film Institute.

Maciej Bączyk born in 1977, lives and works in Wrocław, Poland.
A graduate of Cultural Studies at the University of Wrocław. Maciek Bączyk works with sound and image in practice and in theory. In 2010 Bączyk returned to visual arts, mainly experimental film and installations. One of the most important features of his works is a manual contact with film, tapes, tools and the production process itself. He has performed and recorded with bands such as AGD, Robotobibok, Małe Instrumenty and his current bands: Kristen, Pin Park. He is also a guest curator at the Think Tank Lab Triennale, International Festival of Contemporary Drawing in Wrocław.

19.01, 7pm


10.02, 7pm
Piotr Kurek

concert / free entrance

16.02, 6pm
author-curated guided tour
kinoMANUAL and Paweł Bąkowski

free entrance

28.02, 6pm
About the movie
kinoMANUAL and Adriana Prodeus

meeting / free entrance

02.03, 7pm

concert / free entrance

20.03, 6pm
This moves me! Neuroaesthetic tour
leading: dr Agnieszka Bandura

free entrance

23.03, 7pm
Pin Park

concert / free entrance

24.03, 12pm
guided tour

registration required / free entrance

30.03, 6pm
Goodbye to the “Winter Showroom”

free entrance

Foto i video: Jerzy Wypych