Trzebnicki Maidens House

You are reading now about the oldest, partly preserved residential building in Wroclaw. It was first mentioned in 1208. The object is named ”The Romanesque House” or ”Trzebnicki Maidens House”. The name refers to its owners – the sisters from the Order of Cistercians of Trzebnica – they used to live here, up until 1810, when the order was liquidated. This early-gothic, two-story brick structure was build on a trapezium plan, but it was rebuilt several times over the centuries. Elements in the romanesque style, such as arches in the central part of the object, can be found next to the gothic ones, such as cross vaulting or windows. 

Building was destroyed during World War II. In 1959, Tadeusz Kozaczewki – art historian and urban planner – discovered the relics of the simple hall and two arched rooms. Conservation works were conduc-ted in the years 1966–69, according to the design of Henryk Dziurla. During that time, original remains were combined with reinforced concrete roof, as well as – with distinctive glass wall. Third room with a mezzanine was created in 1996. Currently, the builiding has sunk into the ground, so the original, usable floor level now reaches street level. Historic interior was perfectly suitable for an exhibition space.

It used to be the seat of the Wroclaw’s Photo Gallery, which was brought to life in 1973. Its name has changed and in 1977 it became Foto-Medium-Art Gallery. Nowadays, FOTO-GEN Gallery, belonging to the Culture and Art Centre in Wroclaw – is located in this historic buliding with three rooms.